Our Sweet Corn Economy, The Madness Continues in East West and Premier McGuinty

It’s that time of year again. Sweet corn on my farm represents a lot of hard work. The whole key is whether the consuming public of St George St. near Dresden Ontario like it or not. I’ve got a couple of varieties. The most popular is Bon Appetit, a sugar enhanced corn which I sold last year. It is a bi-colour corn commonly refered to as “Peaches and Cream.” I probably sell about 95% Bon Appetit. New this year is Miracle, a sugar enhanced Yello corn. Not everybody is ready for yellow. It’s kind of funny. That’s what I grew up on. However, I’m getting a bit of feed back. Some folks like it and some prefer the “Peaches and Cream.” In any case, stop by and try some. It’ll be going for about another week.

Click on “At Issue” this week. I’m writing about Dalton McGuinty and his chances going into the October 2007 election. In essence that campaign is already going. Check out the picture and see what I’m thinking when you click on “At Issue.”

Is the madness continuing? You bet it is. If you have missed it click on East West and read the latest offering from Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque and I. There is nothing good about what is going on there. Enamul’s view is more typical of the view from Asia. Click on East West to find out.

Under the Agridome features some of my thoughts a few weeks ago about some of the risk management proposals currently being debated within the agriculture political complex. The picture taken from the Wallaceburg Farm Rally held last December 2005.

Check out the Podcast this week and let me know how you like the small “news-like” audio additions on the front and back. I produce them using Garageband on an iMac. Nice little piece of software.