Sheep, Enron, Stale Seedbeds and the Pistons Struggle With Miami

It’s been a busy spring. Wheat looks good, corn is getting greener and the soybeans are going in the ground. Not so sure about the new Canadian agricultural policy. Check it out Under the Agridome.

How about that Enron trial last week. Is that sort of thing over. Or will we see that type of thing again? Read more about it by clicking on “At Issue” this week.
Enamul chimed in with East West just in the nick of time. We are dealing with nukes in Iran this month. Just like about everything Enamul looks at things a little bit differently than we do here in the west. Click on East West to read the whole story.

Last year I wrote an article for Country Guide magazine on planting corn on a “stale seedbed.” This means without tillage in the spring. I’ve taken a few pictures of my field. I plan on taking a few more as the year goes on. Hopefully it’ll be a good story.

It’s that time, NBA playoffs. Pistons struggling with Miami. I still say it will take them 7 games to dispose of the Miami Heat

Stale Seedbed Corn Field on April 30th, 2006

Stale Seedbed Corn Field May 7th, 2006

Stale Seedbed Corn Field May 14, 2006

Stale Seedbed Corn Field May 22, 2006