The Agridome Presents “Heritage Iron Magazine”

This is what I want you to do.  I want you to go to  Quite a few years ago your loyal scribe was wandering through the Louisville Farm Show.  I came upon a a very busy booth where Sherry Schaefer was promoting her magazine devoted to the love of Oliver tractors.  You guys know me here, but of course in Louisville I’m might be just above roadkill.  I’m always looking for an opportunity so I reached out and said something to Sherry, something about “do you take contributors.”  She was inundated with customers and admirers of what she does, but still I remember her smiling and taking my package and giving me back one of hers.  So when my cell phone rang in October 2008, while I was driving a combine through a soybean field, about the last person I thought would be on the other end was the Oliver girl, Sherry Shaefer.  Long story short, your loyal scribe wrote an article for Sherry’s new magazine called Heritage Iron which is focusing on farm equipment in the heritage era between 1960 and 1985.  She asked me to write about Canadian combines of  that era.  So after contacting Mr Les Hill at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute in Humboldt Saskatchewan and a few others in southwestern Ontario I put together the article on Heritage Canadian combines.  It’s in Sherry’s first issue.  Credit to Les for helping me with the Western Canadian input.  He’s a tower of information regarding combines past.

Sherry asked me to write another piece for the next issue.  It’s focused on “field sprayers” from the Heritage era.  It will be out in (I believe) February.   Thanks to the many people who helped me with that.  I got to talk with some wonderful farmers across southwestern Ontario and Ohio.

So this is what I want all of you 15,000 hits a month to do.  Go to and take a look around.  Read the blog and maybe respond.  Send a note to Sherry.  Let her know what you think about “Heritage Iron”.  Let her know “we are Canadian” and we love our American neighbours and friends.