Fall Harvest Upon Us Plus An Election

At one point in my life, I was very interested in politics.  It seemed like a lot of fun and being able to affect the lofty issues of the day seemed oh so noble.  However, that has long since past.  I’m still interested, but only as an observer.  Election 2008 will prove to be the election without farm input.  With the busy harvest season upon us, I don’t think anybody has the time to debate the green shift or any other agricultural stabilization policy.

It wasn’t like that in 2006.  In that year, Ontario farmers had a perfect storm to affect electoral change.  At the time we had low commodity prices, a government which had thrown away an agricultural safety net and farmers willing to protest and demonstrate against the status quo.  Being winter helped.  Now, the agricultural economic environment has changed and time and chance have come together to guarantee farmers will be atop their combines instead of attending political rallies.

Nonetheless, the issues remain similiar to that time two years ago.  Ontario farmers are still looking for federal participation to the Risk Management Program.  Farm Input costs have tripled.  We’ll see how the political winds blow.

Speaking about harvest season, its time to fire up the combine for another fall season.  Will it be clear and dry or soppy wet like the fall of 2006.  Of course nobody knows.  Have a safe harvest season.