Corn Pushing Up, Wheat Harvest Straight Ahead

I took this picture on July 3rd, 2008. And I’m standing in my corn field, so there are no tricks. You say knee high by the fourth of July. Well, this corn is RR, planted April 23rd on a stale seedbed prepared in October of 2007. It is everything I expected it to be, so I’m hoping for a smooth ride to payday. However, you never know what a crop has ahead of it. Nonetheless, now that its July the rest of the way its up to Mother Nature. Last year, it never rained again. This year it seems to rain every other day. Simply put, when you are in the agriculture business, you never know. Food production is fickle at the best of times.

Wheat harvest will be starting this month. It is the only crop Ontario producers expose to four different seasons. We’ve had our challenges this year, Army worms, too much ice over winter and now rain every other day. In 2008 the world wants our wheat. Let’s make it a safe harvest.