Cleaning Beans, Apple Computer, International Ferries and More!

Oh man, hitting the farming trail come spring always takes a little bit of time. In the next few days I’ll start cleaning soybeans. It’s still the most cost effective way of making money in the Canadian soybean business. For me it’s a right of spring. I won’t plant a bean before it’s clean.

I will be publishing a couple of articles for Country Guide magazine in the next few months. First off the mark will be what I liked and didn’t like at last February’s Louisville Farm Show. Louisville is the show to go to if you are involved in commercial agriculture. Many Canadian producers are realizing that.

In At Issue this week, I’m writing about Apple Computer being 30 years old. So tell me. Do computers makes us work less or do they make us work more? Yes, they are great little inventions but I think they make us work harder. Check it out in At Issue.

Coming up in East West you’ll read a piece on International Ferry Safety. My good friend the Mountain Man, Lorne Widmer, suggested this to me. The article is now sitting in the computer of my sidekick Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It will be published next week here and in

On April 5th, it looks like I’m off to Ottawa. As I learn more, I’ll let you know.