Speaking At The London Farm Show For Dupont

I will be speaking at three by invitation only breakfast meetings sponsored by Dupont on March 5th, 6th and 7th at the Western Fair Farm Show in London Ontario. I’ll be speaking about our grain futures markets, basis fluctuations, the demand component of biofuel and its related effects on Canadian agricultural policy. I hope to see many of you there.It has been a busy season for me. I was in Grande Prairie Alberta earlier in December speaking with the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen. Next it was off to Newmarket Ontario for another speaking engagement. While that was happening the Voice of the Farmer was winding down and published its last issue in late December. I missed that last issue, partly because of a scheduling mistake which couldn’t be fixed at the last minute. I never worry about things like that. Over a 21 year career writing Under the Agridome ,I’ve never missed a deadline. It’s all part and parcel of being a consistent writer over time.A few weeks passed and I was asked by Peter Epp (a former editor of mine) to join the new publication, “Today’s Farmer.” I look forward to the challenge. “Today’s Farmer” has real opportunity to embrace the farming community in Southwestern Ontario. Key will be for them to embrace us back. I look forward to working with this new publication.

Of course you can still read Under the Agridome on DTN a across the US and Canada. Its on one week delay on this web site. At Issue and East West are still going strong. Click away! Dr. Haque and I have plans to publish a book of our writing in Asia. We hope to be appearing together for speaking engagements in that part of the world in the future. The last time that happened was at the University of Windsor via video conference in 2006.

Podcasts are updated on Thursday of each week. You can also listen to my “Market Trends” podcast for the Ontario Corn Producers Association at www.ontariocorn.org.I’ve had to turn down one speaking engagement recently because of travel conflicts. If you have an event planned in the future be sure you download my resume and get in contact with me. I’m more than happy to accommodate.