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I like to call it the super bowl of North American agriculture. The middle of February finds me in Louisville Kentucky USA for the “Louisville Farm Show. This year it was a very cold venture down to Louisville. In fact I got hung up right off the bat. A major snowstorm struck southwestern Ontario and the Ohio Valley. I’m sure there were many people who got hung up on a day on the road.

It’s been a very busy 2007. I had six speaking engagements in January, zero in February and another three pending in March. Plus my regular writing assignments and radio commentary has kept me very busy. Of course there is always that 830-acre farm to take care of, even if its –15 degrees C outside!

Make sure you have a chance to visit the OCPA web site www.ontariocorn.org. As you know I’ve been writing “Market Trends” since June of 2006. I’ve also made the effort to podcast the “Market Trends” commentary on the OCPA web site. So every month if you check their web site you can listen to my updated corn market commentary. You can also check out “Market Trends” in either the present issue or upcoming issue on the OCPA web site. Of course if you miss those, the OCPA magazine will arrive in your mailbox soon.

East West is a gem this month. Dr. A.K. Enamul Haque was in China last month. We put together a bit of a microcosm of his thoughts long with my sojourns in Hong Kong. Check it out by clicking on East West.

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