Ft. Wayne, Self Propelled Sprayers and More

If there is one thing that bothers me about Canadian Farm Shows, its the cost.  Whether you go to the Canadian Farm Show in Toronto or the Outdoor Farm Show near Woodstock in the summer time there is a charge to get in.  The Outdoor Farm Show is particularly expensive.  I don’t get it.  Yes, I know, everything is a coefficient of cost but American farm shows are free.

A couple of week ago, I travelled the four hours to Ft. Wayne Indiana.  I went there for a couple of reasons. I’m writing a piece on self-propelled sprayers versus land sprayers for Country Guide magazine.  So that’s one reason.  The other is I’m always looking for an opportunity to promote my work.

The Ft.Wayne show is a good one.  Pictured above is the entrance to the Ft. Wayne show.  Little did I know I’d meet four southwestern Ontario farmers there from my local area.  One told me he had the option of travelling three hours to Toronto or four hours to Ft. Wayne.  He chose Ft. Wayne.  To him and to me its a better value.  Of course admission is free just like the Louisville show coming up in February.

Lots of self propelled sprayers at Ft. Wayne.  I talked to Jim Bates , the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Equipment Technologies Inc, makers of Apache self propelled mechanical drive sprayers.  Pictured here is a side view of one of their sprayers.  

There were several types of sprayers  at Ft.Wayne.  You couldn’t get away from the fact that there was lots of money there chasing all of this equipment.

I can hardly imagine using one of these.  However,with the advent of soybean rust, aphids and the like, it would seem the future is now.  Lots of these units are going out the door.