John, Dick, Christmas Memories, MESZ Plot Results, 20 Years of the Agridome and more

This Christmas once again area residents have something special to look forward to. My good buddy and editor John Gardiner will be releasing his CD “Christmas Memories”. John has done some audio recordings of a couple of his short stories. Also included in this CD is some Christmas music from popular Walkerton artist Dick Knechtel. I’ve heard both John and Dick together many times over the years and this latest venture is sure to fill your home with Christmas cheer. The CD’s will be available this week. If you want one, drop me an email and I’ll make sure you get one. Great for Stocking Stuffers.

Thankfully my crop year ended on November 29th. Boy, what a tough, wet, long fall. In the end crop yields were quite healthy. However, getting there was a real battle.

I participated in a couple of research trials this past year. I don’t usually do that but for whatever reason 2006 turned into the year where I actually decided to do the tedious dirty work to get things done. I participated in the variable rate nitrogen trials in cooperation with the Ontario Corn Producers and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Data from that trial will be going up when I get it.

The other trial was a corn trial on starter fertilizer. I compared using a starter of 170 lbs of MAP verus 170 lbs of MESZ? What you say? Well I said that too. MESZ is a more expensive fertilizer, essentially MAP but with each individual fertilizer granual uniform in its chemical composition. It is more available for the corn plant and in theory should boost yield. It also has a sulphur component to it. After all was said and done this year the corn fertilized with MESZ beat the MAP corn by 5bu/ac., 174.3 to 169.3 bu/acre. A graphic of this plot can be seen below.

I have been celebrating (a relative term) the 20th anniversary of the Agridome lately. Check it out by clicking on the links. Also too, East West will be updating next week. Clicking on At Issue will show you what I think of this Quebec nation business.

I’ll be speaking at the South West Ag Conference in Ridgetown on Jan 3 and Jan 4th. Looking forward to meeting my readers and listeners.