Taming That Dawn Clay, 9/11, Dr. Haque and the Podcast

I have always looked for the proverbial silver bullet when it comes to taming the hard, clay soils of Dawn Township in Lambton County, Ontario.  I’m still not there but I think I’m getting closer.  Pictured here is my land leveler I bought last year.   It consists of a whole bunch of iron welded together.  Drag it across a wheat field after it has been moulboard plowed and “voila”, I can make that clay as smooth as a basketball court.

I will be writing an article for Country Guide magazine about using this implement coming up in January 2007.  It is increasingly likely that you’ll find them on farms in the extreme southwest of Ontario.  However, they won’t smooth out those big hills east of of here.

In At Issue this week I talk about my experiences on 9/11.  I’ve never really told my whole story so click on the link.  Even better why not email me with your comments.  That terrible day was five years ago.  That’s hard to believe.

Dr. A.K.Enamul Haque called me this week.  We are still looking for hard copy markets for East West.  It’s a really unique piece.  Where else are you going to get a Professor from Bangladesh and an Agricultural Economist/Farmer from Southwestern Ontario.  Click on East West.  There is nothing quite like it in the print media.

In “Under the Agridome” this week I’m talking about corn prices.  However, remember we are a one week delay with that.  So click through for any archived material.  Its all there, back til February.

The Podcast this week is once again about the grain markets.  It is updated every Thursday.  You can also hear it each Thursday on CFCO Radio in Chatham on the Noon Farm Show.