Sweet Corn From Our Field, Plus Those Jivemen

The Jiveman 2006 reunion came and went. Its a celebration of basketball, food and family. How big is this thing going to get? Four guys play basketball 20 years ago and suddenly years later its like our own little festival. Next years Jiveman reunion is scheduled for July 22, 2007. What will the guys look like next year?

Wheat harvest has come and gone. Check out the picture below. Some good news. For the first time in my career I broke through the 100 bushels/acre yield mark on a couple of fields. Last week I didn’t think I had done that. However, there must have been some type of magic in those fields this year. Unlike soybeans, wheat and corn have some yield frontiers to be conquered. Soybeans are mired in a production quagmire which is going nowhere.

This week I get to switch from one combine to another.  In fact this time I get to be the combine.  It’s sweet corn harvest time and I’m the “corn picker!”  Look for this sign near Dresden and stop in.  We’ve got Bon Appetit, a bi-colour corn popular last year.  Also a little later, we’ve got Miracle, a sugary enhanced yellow sweet corn.  It should be good.  Check out the picture below.

In “At Issue” this week, its all about Canadian consumers and their food choices. With the WTO breaking down once again on agricultural negotiations it would seem Canadian consumers didn’t even blink. With food seemingly everywhere you can hardly blame them. However, they are being taken to the cleaners. Read why in At Issue.

Chime into the Podcast this week. Let me know what you think of things.